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Cheryl Wilks
(Blackstone Home Owner)

Each one of our Buyers (the Blackstone Family) has a fascinating story to tell. Like our Homes, every member of the Blackstone Family has a unique situation that truly makes then one-of-a-kind. As the Blackstone Family continues to grow, we realize that there are endless stories to tell and situations to embrace. It is inspiring to see so many families from a variety of different walks of life find peace, comfort, and a hope for something better in a brand-new Blackstone Home. We are at the edge of our seat and excited to hear the story you have to share. So tell us, what's your situation?

The Pearce Family

"We had been in the home search process for 3-5 years..."

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The Wilks Family

"We've seen a lot of homes... and ours, by far, was built the best."

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The Harris & Dunkin Family

"They helped us and guided us... which made our home that much more spectacular!"

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The Marvel Family

"They weren't interested in just selling a home... they were interested in educating us."

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Realtors, Agents, & Brokers

"When I have a new client, I bring them to Blackstone because I know they'll be taken care of."

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